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Obama Disgraces Himself and Our Country Again

Received this in an email today:

Two star Major General Harold Greene was killed in Afghanistan on August 8, 2014 while serving his country in pride for 34 years. He was the highest ranking officer in the military killed in action since the Vietnam war.  President Obama has not mentioned anything in regards to this highly decorated soldier yet he spoke highly of Robin Williams who committed suicide.
Major General Greene was buried August 14 in the Arlington National Cemetery. Neither the President, Vice President, Secretary of State nor Secretary of Defense attended the funeral. President Obama was on vacation, playing golf at Martha’s Vineyard . No flags were ordered to half mast yet they were for Whitney Houston who also committed suicide.  I find this very offensive and disrespectful to the veterans who have served our great country. But then again, why does this not surprise me.

But it’s much worse than the above.  Obama joined the liberal fascist progressive Media and his felonious Attorney General Eric the Racist Holder in vilifying a police officer and supporting a felon who tried to kill the officer.

This is on everyone who has voted for a Democrat in the last decade.  There is nothing more dangerous to the our national security than liberal fascist Progressives, aka: DEMOCRATS.

Here are the facts about Michael’s Brown’s past per his criminal record:

Description: Burglary – 1st Degree { Felony B RSMo: 569.160 }
Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 1401000
OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

Description: Armed Criminal Action { Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015 }
Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 3101000
OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

Description: Assault 1st Degree – Serious Physical Injury { Felony A RSMo: 565.050 }
Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 1301100
OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

Description: Armed Criminal Action { Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015 }
Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 3101000
OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

At 6’ 4” and 300 pounds, he is a walking weapon. To say he was unarmed, is simply not true.  When you attempt to take an officer’s gun, you are armed.   His record was sealed and the left was counting on it staying hidden.


Free Concealed Carry Classes Offered by Colorado Gun Club

Via KUSA-TV Multimedia Holdings Corporation:

Centennial Gun Club is offering all Colorado educators free concealed carry classes. About 40 teachers have already gone through the course and several more signed up at a gun festival at the club on Saturday.

“We want to make sure we can provide teachers an opportunity to get more comfortable, get more knowledgeable,” said Paul Stanley, operations manager for Centennial Gun Club.

One former teacher looking to get back into the classroom spoke to 9NEWS under the condition of anonymity. She fears her desire to carry a concealed weapon in the classroom will hurt her chances of being hired.

“Those kids in my classroom are my responsibility and I need to protect them, and so having been well-trained and having confidence with a handgun I think would give me that extra feeling of comfort,” she said.

Many disagree with this philosophy. Cindy Stevenson with the Colorado Association of School Executives says it’s the teacher’s own prerogative to get this kind of training. However, she feels arming teachers is a step in the wrong direction.

“The evidence actually tells us schools are becoming safer. So, if the evidence says schools are becoming safer, why would we turn around and give school employees firearms when firearms are at the base of school violence?” Stevenson said.

Marc Rabinoff is a former professor who spent 42 years in the classroom and said he never felt the need for a firearm. Now he has a CCW permit and says if he could do it all over again, he’d be carrying in the classroom, law permitting.

“We could certainly run and hide, and throw chairs, and do everything else that we could do, and I truly agree with that, but now I have a second option,” Rabinoff said.

He says teachers and students are sitting ducks in the worst case scenario. Stevenson says guns in the classroom send the wrong message.

“I think it’s an important message that we give kids if we start arming the staff because then what we’re saying is, A, that you’re in danger, and B, that that’s an acceptable way to resolve issues,” Stevenson said.

The concealed carry class at Centennial Gun Club runs $125 dollars for non-teachers.


Left Wing MainStream Media Malfeasance 

Check out Barbwire and add it to your regular reading list.  

By Ryan Bomberger – BarbWire guest contributor

Liberals are always touting their anti-war credentials, denouncing its toll on human lives. But in Ferguson, there is one war they can’t seem to promote enough—race war.

I’m as black as Obama, which means I’m half white, half black. And I’m fully sick and tired of the race hucksters masquerading as “journalists”. Honestly, we live in litigation-happy society, but someone should sue for mainstream media malfeasance.

Perhaps liberal journalists are disappointed that the Trayvon Martin tragedy didn’t erupt into a civil war as they had expected. Even the Obama administration is doing what it can to reinforce the false narrative that white-on-black crime is epidemic. The truth? According to the FBI, 91 percent of blacks murdered were killed by other blacks. Where’s the outrage? Where are the opportunist vultures who swoop down any time there is a perceived white-on-black crime? Why aren’t these lives mourned and the same-race perpetrators blamed?

Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama (both of mixed racial lineage) have complained that they themselves are victims of white-on-black racism. Criticism against this administration could only possibly be because they’re (partially) black. It couldn’t possibly be because of sheer incompetence, far-left ideology and social actions, or seizing unconstitutional authority.

But race is the easy scapegoat. And it creates great visuals for mainstream media who likes to pretend that we’re still in the early 1960s and nothing’s changed for black people. It’s as if they want to incite riots. MSNBC’s sorry excuse for a news commentator, Melissa Harris Perry, made the absurd and deeply racist claim, in a cringe-worthy monologue, that black men today are treated the same as during Dred Scott days. Well, that explains the slave auction I saw in D.C. the other day.

Many media outlets are decrying the fact that whites are in power in Ferguson. Never mind they don’t mention that these “whites” were all elected and are all Democrats, from the Mayor to the City Council to the Governor’s office. And having liberal black so-called “leadership” doesn’t exactly fare better. Just ask Detroit.

It’s not power structure that is the root of the problem in the black community. It’s family structure. Most black children, 72.3 percent, are born into homes without fathers. Father absence has a profound effect on any community, and we see the devastation in our urban communities with poorer educational and economic outcomes.

But the racialization doesn’t stop there. Alan Colmes’ website, LiberaLand, made this outrageous claim about officer Wilson and the death of Michael Brown: “The Ku Klux Klan and a growing group of angry white people are raising reward money for the murder of ‘typical low-IQ Negro’ Michael Brown. Wilson is already on course to make tens of thousands of dollars for his deed.”

After rioting had already begun, the NAACP (which is suing me for accurately parodying their name) tweeted this gem (which has since been removed), proving how irrelevant yet incendiary they can be: “#MikeBrown When someone outside of our race commits murder we want upheaval but we need same for all murder.”

No, NAACP. We don’t need upheaval. We need peace. We need non-violence. We need racial harmony. We need justice.

We don’t know all the facts of the case. Was there a struggle for the cop’s gun? Did Michael Brown rush the cop? Or was he killed in cold blood? It seems the evidence is mounting against Michael Brown’s innocence.

And to add more craziness to chaos, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards injected herself into the Ferguson tragedy. Keep in mind, this is someone who derives her $583,000 annual salary from the nation’s largest abortion chain, whose home city, NYC, aborts more black babies than are born alive. On Facebook she lamented: “Heartbroken by the event unfolding in #Ferguson. A parent’s right to raise their child in love and safety, and to dream that their child will have every opportunity in the world to grow into a fiercely independent adult is a fundamental issue of reproductive justice.”

Touching if it weren’t from the Abortionist-in-Chief. “Reproductive Justice” is all about hurting and killing a child in the womb. And yet this grossly misguided “movement”, bolstered by Planned Parenthood, thinks that people will somehow care for life, better, once outside of the womb. 

Read more here

Ryan Bomberger is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Radiance Foundation, a nonprofit life-affirming organization. He is passionate about creating original media content that is fearless, factual and freeing.


AG Holder Headed to Ferguson to Race Bait & Intimidate Whitey - Democrat Governor calls for Prosecution of Police Officer

Eric Holder is a racist who happens to be Attorney General of the United States.  You can thank the white voters who elected Barack Hussesin Obama POTUS, not once but twice.  Obama got it all wrong the first time, but misguided while folk joined with the liberal fascist progressives, and reelected BO, hoping to bury the race card forever.  How’s that working out?

Now we have a criminal and a thug, who robbed a store, encountered and committed an unprovoked attack on a police officer moments later, breaking the officers orbital socket, and then attempting to take the his handgun. The felon, Michael Brown, fled after the firearm discharged inside the police car during the struggle.  Brown stopped, reversed direction and charged towards the police officer, refusing commands to stop.  Fearing for his life, the officer fired his pistol, stopping Brown as he came within arms length of his handgun.

The progressive media has repeatedly declared that we must “honor the memory” of Michael Brown.  Obama and Holder are backing the progressive press and politicians in their public lynching of the police officer.  On Tuesday night, Gov. Nixon proclaimed that “a vigorous prosecution must now be pursued” in the killing of Michael Brown. That statement by the governor presupposes that a crime was committed by officer Darren Wilson when he shot and killed Michael Brown 10 days ago. 

Under the Obamanation, white police officers don’t have civil rights and are not affored the protections of the Constitution.  Whitey is guilty until proven innocent.  See CNN, MSNBC et al for details.


I will not be silenced by the threat of being label a racist by the left racists.  It’s time for all of us to exercise our first amendment civil rights.  Holder is a racist who is incapable of conducting an objective investigation in Ferguson, Missouri.

In what kind of country are felons who not only refuse the lawful commands of police officers, but also physically attack and attempt to kill police officers with their issued handguns, innocents victims?  If Holder cares about the disproportionate loss of African American lives, he needs to go to work solving the black on black murders, in Obama’s home town of Chicago or his home town of Washington D.C. Ferguson is the last place that Eric Holder needs to be fanning the flames of civil disorder. 

The Justice Department under Eric Holder has issued a press release detailing its “civil rights investigation” in Ferguson. Among the revelations is that over 40 FBI agents are conducting an independent investigation of the scene of Michael Brown’s death:
Attorney General Eric Holder released the following statement Monday following his briefing of President Obama on the latest developments in the federal civil rights investigation in Ferguson, Missouri:
“As I informed the President this afternoon, the full resources of the Department of Justice are being committed to our federal civil rights investigation into the death of Michael Brown.
“During the day today, more than 40 FBI agents continued their canvassing of the neighborhood where Michael Brown was shot. As a result of this investigative work, several new interviews have already been conducted.
“Moreover, at my direction, an additional medical examination is being performed on the body of Michael Brown. This autopsy is being performed today by one of the most experienced medical examiners in the United States military. I am confident this additional autopsy will be thorough and aid in our investigation.
“In addition to updating the President on these developments, I informed him of my plan to personally travel to Ferguson Wednesday. I intend to meet with FBI investigators, and prosecutors on the ground from the Civil Rights Division and U.S. Attorney’s Office officials about the ongoing investigation.


Missouri Riots on Obama, the Professional Race Baiters & Progressive Propaganda Machine

Matthew Vadum is an award-winning investigative reporter and the author of the book, “Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts Are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers.”

Today, published the following post by Mr. Vadum.  This is a must read for those seeking the truth about Ferguson, Missouri:

As the media-sanctioned rioting, bloodshed and looting continue in Ferguson, Missouri, evidence is emerging that police shooting victim Michael Brown wasn’t the upstanding citizen that many on the Left have claimed him to be.



All of this is happening as mobs have been attacking cops with Molotov cocktails and destroying community infrastructure. Some blacks in the region are reportedly randomly assaulting non-blacks as collective payback for what happened to Brown. Looting and property destruction are rampant. Scores of people have been arrested. Aircraft were ordered to fly at least 3,000 feet over Ferguson airspace after police said their helicopters were fired on from the ground.

A curfew was imposed, and the state’s feckless Democratic governor, Jay Nixon, stripped local police of some of their responsibilities, replacing them with state highway patrolmen. This, predictably, led to more looting of stores and all the things that usually happen when an angry, violent mob is rewarded for its bad behavior.

Through it all, the Left is out in force in Ferguson, trying to make a bad situation worse. The criminal elements of the city have been emboldened by martyrized accounts of Brown, and have carried out a campaign of destruction against the civil order under the banner of “no justice, no peace.”

As happened in the Trayvon Martin case two years ago, the hulking, nearly 300-lbs. Brown has been portrayed as an innocent doe-eyed angel unfairly cut down by evil police as a promising future awaited him. In Brown’s case, he was said to be just days away from heading off to college.

But as one blogger observed, in this age of ubiquitous social media, the 18-year-old African-American man left behind,

“a cache of rap songs … that contain pretty much what you’d expect out of modern rap – lots of boasting about murdering, taking drugs, drinking, and sex with hos.”

In one of them labeled “Free$tyle Big’Mike,” one performer raps, “My favorite part’s when they bodies hit the ground. I soak ‘em up like I’m wringin’ out a sponge.”

The fact that Brown liked performing thug music obviously doesn’t by itself make him a thug, but it does provide insight into his state of mind. The same can be said for the photographs that have surfaced of Brown posing like a tough guy, making gestures with his hands that some say are gang signs.

But what Brown did before he was killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, whose home and address were publicized by a reporter despite ceaseless death threats against the officer, offers compelling insight into what made Brown tick.

Evidence is now available that shows that Brown tried to wrest a gun away from a policeman and that he was ordered to freeze before he charged Darren Wilson and was shot. Some have suggested Brown was high on drugs at the time and that made him especially aggressive but a toxicology report on his body won’t be available for weeks.

Before the shooting incident last weekend, Brown used violence and the threat of more violence to steal. With an accomplice, he knocked over a convenience store, bullying victims with his prodigious size and weight. (Incidentally, the owner of the store told the Washington Post he fears that his customers will murder him and that he begged reporters not to suggest that he called the police on Brown.)

An official incident report about the robbery was released Friday by Ferguson police, over the vehement but ultimately groundless objections of left-wing politicians, including the Missouri governor and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. History shows that leftist office holders aren’t too concerned about getting to the bottom of a matter when their supporters are in the streets calling for blood. If the documentation in question helped make the case that the local police were cold-blooded, murdering racists, those same politicians would be loudly demanding its release.

The report in question identifies Brown and his 22-year-old friend Darren Johnson as suspects in the Aug. 9 robbery that took place minutes before Brown’s death.

According to the report, police responded to a call about “stealing in progress” at a convenience store. The stolen item was a $48.99 box of Swisher Sweets cigars.  Marijuana users are known to hollow out such cigars and use them to smoke drugs.

A man identified as Brown was captured in store surveillance stills having a physical confrontation with a much smaller store employee who tried to lock the doors of the establishment to prevent the men from departing with the stolen item.

The 6’ 4”, 292-pound Brown took the employee by his shirt and pushed him back into some merchandise. As Brown moved toward the door, he then turned around and moved toward the worker “appearing to intimidate him.” After that Brown disappears from the camera footage.

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson made the video of the robbery available Friday, explaining that state law forced him to act. Reporters had demanded the footage under the Freedom of Information Act, Jackson said.

The Obama administration sought to suppress the release of the inconvenient footage by pressuring the department not to release it to the public. Pandering for votes, Gov. Jay Nixon said Sunday he “deeply” disagreed with the decision by Ferguson police to release the robbery video.

The recording was made public “Number one to attempt in essence to disparage the character [of Brown] in the middle of a process like this is not right,” Nixon said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

So, first local police were condemned for not being sufficiently transparent; then after they released a key piece of evidence they were condemned for being too transparent.

Gov. Nixon then claimed that releasing the video was too painful for his constituents. “And secondarily it did put the community and, quite frankly, the region and the nation on alert again,” he said.

Of the week-old case, Nixon said, “These are old wounds, these are deep wounds in these communities and that action was not helpful.” Of course, by the governor’s reasoning the local police have no right to make the case that they are not murderers while they are being indicted by the frenzied Ferguson community, media and political Left.

Gov. Nixon again pushed emotional buttons, playing to the mob. “When you see your son gunned down in the street and then you see a police chief begin an attempt to attack his character, that’s just not the way to operate and we’ve made that clear to everyone,” he said.

This means Nixon believes that Jesse Jackson Sr. and Al Sharpton, who have been making campaign stops in Ferguson, have every right to be heard while the local police at the heart of the case should just remain silent and take whatever abuse is hurled at them.

Sharpton, the perpetrator of the infamous Tawana Brawley hoax and a close ally of President Obama, also weighed in on the release of the video.

“Michael Brown is gone,” he said in St. Louis yesterday. “You can run whatever video you want. He is not on trial. America is on trial!”

Sharpton continued:

“I have never in all my years seen something as offensive and insulting as a police chief releasing a tape of a young man trying to smear him before we even have his funeral.”

However, the more we learn about the nature of the crime and of Brown’s character, the clearer it is to see who should really be on trial: The likes of Al Sharpton and the race-hate industry, whose lies are fueling a vicious war against civil society in Ferguson.

Meanwhile, an autopsy performed by famed pathologist Dr. Michael M. Baden, former chief medical examiner for New York City, determined that Brown was not shot in the back as some have claimed. In particular, the autopsy contradicts the “eye witness” account of one left-wing media darling, Tiffany Mitchell, who claimed on MSNBC that Officer Wilson was pursing Brown as he ran away and that Brown was shot in the back as he fled.

The autopsy report concluded that Brown was shot six times. One bullet penetrated his right eye, proceeding through his face, leaving through his jaw and then entering his collarbone. The final two shots in his head were probably the last ones fired.

Brown, who otherwise appeared to be healthy, would have died as a result of the shooting even if he had been transported immediately to a hospital, Baden said.

“People have been asking: How many times was he shot? This information could have been released on Day 1,” Baden told the New York Times after completing the private four-hour autopsy yesterday. “They don’t do that, even as feelings built up among the citizenry that there was a cover-up. We are hoping to alleviate that.”

Baden stressed that he was not assigning blame for the death or justifying what was done the day of Brown’s death.

But Benjamin L. Crump, an attorney for Brown’s family, tried to use the new forensic evidence to bolster the case that the young man was a victim of police brutality.

“The sheer number of bullets and the way they were scattered all over his body showed this police officer had a brazen disregard for the very people he was supposed to protect in that community,” Crump said. “We want to make sure people understand what this case is about: This case is about a police officer executing a young unarmed man in broad daylight.”

Of course the fact that a suspect was shot repeatedly and all over his body doesn’t necessarily demonstrate “brazen disregard” or that the individual was summarily executed by a police officer. It more likely indicates that the shooter, rightly or wrongly, believed that the suspect posed a danger to his life. And the fact that a suspect was “unarmed” doesn’t necessarily have much probative value in a case in which the individual allegedly tried to gain control of a police officer’s firearm.


Crump covered travel expenses for Baden and an assistant to Missouri, retaining the two for the procedure. Baden waived his customary $10,000 fee, the newspaper reports.

This autopsy and an official county autopsy apparently aren’t enough. Now Eric Holder’s spokesman says the “extraordinary circumstances” — whatever those may be — require that a federal autopsy be conducted. Forty FBI agents have also reportedly gone door-to-door in Ferguson in an attempt to gather evidence in an ongoing civil rights investigation related to the shooting.

And they’ll keep digging until they find evidence that vindicates the mob and the left-wing media and the community organizers from Chicago who have descended on Ferguson in order to make an example of the innocent people who live there.