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How Low Can the Lunatic Left Go?

The criminal investigation of accused gunman Jared Lee Loughner has revealed that he was obsessed with U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords.  Federal agents found a handwritten note signed by Loughner, "I planned ahead my assassination", according to an FBI affidavit.

Both liberal and conservative news outlets have reported that Loughner had complained to friends about how he was treated by Rep. Giffords at a public event several years ago. 

Tommy Mariotti, a high school friend, told  the Wall Street Journal that all Loughner did was play music and video games. His friend said he wasn't especially political, though he expressed frustration with the Bush Administration.

Another friend told the  WSJ that Loughner, "seemed to have a mental downfall" following a break-up with a girlfriend.  Loughner was arrested for drug possession in 2007. He withdrew from Pima Community College after school officials required him to take a mental evaluation,due to his disruptive behavior in class. 

Other high school friends told the WSJ that Loughner, "became progressively more weird", and reported that he would fall into unnerving, long stupors of silence and stare fixedly at his buddies.

Many people who knew Loughner, said he was never really political but tried to be philosophical and that he liked "contemplating the meaning of words and the origin of language."

At a public meeting in 2007 asked Rep. Giffords how she knew that words mean anything.  Reportedly, Loughner was angered when Giffords answered him in Spanish and moved on with the meeting.

As a federal agent I was assigned to numerous protective details, including U.S. and foreign heads of state and other senior officials.  I was trained in dignitary protection at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, the U.S. Secret Service and the Diplomatic Security Service. 

Based on my training and extensive experience in dignitary protection, assassins in the United States tend to be loner white male with self-esteem problems.  They tend to be functional paranoid schizophrenics, who have serious psychosis often described as a  shattered personality. They may be delusional but not hallucinatory. 

Their paranoia can be described as highly organized or a methodical delusional system that may be convincing if you accept the basic premise. If you accept the basic (delusional) premise that everyone is out to get a particular individual and is ready and able to do him harm, then it becomes a convincing argument that this individual should strike out and neutralize these enemies before they can act against him.

Assassins are generally not leaders, and one of the reasons they are attracted to strong, charismatic personalities is to compensate for what they see, either consciously or subconsciously, as their own emotional short comings. Like serial killers, most of them come from troubled childhoods.

Another telling characteristic is the way assassins tend to express themselves. A very large number of them will keep diaries or journals recording not just events that happened or the way they are feeling on a particular day, but also every slight done to them and imagined conspiracies as well as detailed plans for what to do about them. Since they don't have any close friends or trusted confidantes, there social isolation they express themselves to themselves in detailed secret communications. In many cases, they actually use this journal writing to program themselves to commit crime.

In planning an assassination the offender imagines that this one big event will prove once and for all that he has worth, that he can do and be something. It proves an identity and purpose as nothing in his life ever has. You can see this pathetic desperation in the fact that assassins are so focused on how people will perceive them after they've acted on their fantasy they don't always build an escape plan.

Another trait shared by celebrity stalkers and assassins is their odd lack of loyalty to any political cause.

The violent act is a result of a deep-seated feeling of inadequacy on the part of the assassin. The assassin overwhelmingly is a white male in his 20's who does not feel good about himself and never has. In some way, he sees the violent act as some solution to his problem. 

In spite of what the lunatic left has been spewing all over the media, neither the Tea Party movement nor political rhetoric was responsibe for, or influenced Loughner's heinous act.

It is reprehensible that anyone would use this tragedy for political gain. But that is exactly the liberal media is doing.

CBS’ Schieffer: Tucson Shooter Inspired by ‘Dangerous, Inflammatory Words’

ABC News blamed the Gifford shooting on the Arizona Immigration Law

The Washington Post went there at the top of its story - without any evidence to support the theory. CNN specifically targeted Sarah Palin because she occasionally uses gun references. Others who got tagged were Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and the Tea Party. Never mind that the suspect had a history of mental problems and no record of political involvement.

This clearly demonstrates that the lunatic left will attempt to use every opportunity, no matter how tragic, to stifle free speech and silence opposition to Obamacare, illegal immigration, or any of their socialist agenda.  In the words of my friend Debbie Schlussel,  When liberals say “climate of hate,” what they really mean is “Free speech for me, but not for you.”

Progressives are hypocrites who are filled with the very hate that they obsessively attribute to anyone who dares oppose their arrogant Marxist version of morality. 

The Audacity of Hate

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