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Best IWB Concealed Carry Holster - BUTSCHER'S 

We’ve received emails requesting recommendations on concealed carry holsters over the last couple of years.  There are many good choices available including IWB holsters from High Noon and Crossbreed. 

I use a Crossbreed Supertuck for my primary concealed carry pistol, a Glock Model 36, slimline .45 ACP.  This is my favorite holster because it’s the most comfortable and concealable.  The Supertuck (horsehide) costs about $100 (with shipping) and takes 4-6 weeks to receive. 

Recently I decided to upgrade to horse hide Supertuck style holsters for all my concealed carry pistols.  I found  the best deal on quality IWB holsters at Butscher’s Leather & Fabrication

Jack London, owner/tradesman of Butscher’s is a north Texas entrepreneur.  Jack shares my belief that everyone should give serious consideration to obtaining a CHL.  Jack makes holsters that are comfortable for carrying Concealed Carry Weapons all the time.

He makes holsters that conceal your handgun, are comfortable, and won’t break the bank. Jack hand makes each holster individually to ensure they perfectly fit each gun.

Butscher’s Leather and Fabrication makes custom OWB, pocket holsters and other leather gear, including belts.  After emailing Jack to inquire about his products, I ordered a horsehide IWB for Mrs. Wolf to carry her new Ruger SR40c. 

The Holster was $45 + $3.00 shipping, half the price of a Crossbreed horsehide IWB Supertuck. I must admit I was concerned that a low priced Butscher holster may not measure up to the more expensive Crossbreed Supertuck.

Any concerns I had were erased as soon as I received the Holster, less than 24 hours after I ordering it.  The quality and craftsmanship of the holster comes close to the more expensive Crossbreed.

I’ve given this holster a work out for two days.  It’s been 75 degrees in the metroplex and I’ve been carrying a Ruger SR40c in the new holster both indoors and outdoors while working in the yard, exercising, shopping etc.  

Natural horsehide does not have dyes to irritate the skin or stain your clothes.  Horsehide is a tighter grained leather and is stronger than cowhide. It’s thinner and more concealable than cowhide.  Horsehide absorbs less sweat than cowhide, making it the best choice for warm weather wear.

 Check out all of Butscher’s Leather products here 

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