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We the People MUST Stop the Madness

“District leaders are student focused in their decision making.”

“We are all a team at this school.”

“The superintendent’s plan brings stability and a clear direction to the district.”

Most mornings I listen to different radio stations around the country while I drink coffee and stare at the empty space that used to be filled with a 25’ beautiful live oak. There are many good radio and scanner Apps available for free on iTunes.

This morning we learned that the Los Angeles school superintendent’s salary is over $350,000 a year and he is provided with a free a car AND a driver by the tax payers. The LA school district flunked all its achievement goals last year so he won’t receive a 10% bonus. But his fat contract was automatically renewed for another year. Everyone is rewarded for failure in California.

The only mystery in all this, is that “we the people” are not only allowing our country and our children’s future to disintegrate right before our eyes, we are responsible for it.

The voters are electing left wing politicians at every level of government. The main stream media, entertainment industry and education system in America is controlled by left wing, radical statists. Make no mistake about it. These people are subversives who hate liberty and work everyday to undermine inalienable civil rights. They loate the “outdated” United States Constitution. 

Yet semmingly rational people are blind to all this.  Socialism has never worked in any country on earth. Look at Europe now. Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Great Britain are all in more serious financial shape than the United States due to overwhelming deficits and potential default.  Socialism and the Nanny State are responsible for the deterioration of countries that were once great world powers.

I’ve heard liberal fascists in the media argue that Cuba’s medical care is superior to America’s. The MSM is reporting that Hugo Chavez was legitimately “re-elected” in Venezuela. Does anyone on the planet really believe that was Chavez re-elected by a majority of the voters in a fair election?

In the U.S. the Obama Justice Departments, lead by Eric Holder, fights everyday to insure that voter fraud continues so the Democratic Party can reap the benefits of illegal and dead voters stuffing ballot boxes across the country.  The same DOJ has argued repeatedly in federal court that the Second Amendment applies ONLY to the United States Military working directly for the Commander in Chief. 

Wake up America. The most important election in my lifetime is less than a month away.  Stop the madness if you value your freedom and your children’s future.  


Liberal Fascists Look to Tax Guns and Ammo to Death

Politicians in Illinois’ Cook County, the most corrupt county in America are considering a so-called “violence tax” on guns and ammo.  This move is purported to be aimed at curbing violence and closing the budget gap, but any rational person, knows this is Chicago style gun control that Obama has advocated for years. 

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle is leading the charge for the tax, though the specific amount has not been disclosed.  

Preckwinkle Chief of Staff Kurt Summers told the Chicago Sun-Times that while it wouldn’t be “popular” with the gun lobby, “it is consistent with our commitment to pursuing violence reduction in the city and in the county.” 

Summers said gun violence costs the government in a number of ways, including the $143 a day it costs to keep someone in jail. Further, he said it costs $52,00 on average to treat a gunshot victim without insurance in the taxpayer-backed local hospital.

Fox News reports that homicides in Chicago are up 25% this year.  But this tax would have no effect because virtually none of the gang bangers and violent criminals legally obtain their guns and ammo.  The city won’t collect taxes on the back market sale of guns, which are responsible for the violent crime rate.

The tax would end up “jacking up the price of guns and ammunition” on people who legally purchase guns.  Illiois is the ONLY state both open and concealed carry of handguns outside the home is illegal for all law abiding citizens.  Chicago residents already have to overcome numerous hurdles and fees to legally purchase firearms. Yet Chicago, an entire GUN FREE ZONE city is the murder capital of America.  Gun control and gun free zones are violent criminals best friend. 

Chicago is the long time home of Obama and his corrupt Democrat political machine.  Chicago and Cook County has a gun violence problem because Cook County has one of the highest high school drop-out rates, along with a massive drug problem, huge gang problems, and an out of control baby mama/dead beat dad welfare economy.  Of course the Chicago solution to all this is a liberal fascist solution in violation of Second Amendment civil rights.   The real mission is to make legal gun owners pay taxes they can’t afford on both guns and ammunition. Eventually law abiding citizens won’t be able to afford either.  

Gun control is becoming ammunition control.  New Jersey was the first state to take this approach.  If the state can excessively tax and guns and ammunition, they control and limit legal firearms ownership.  Law Abiding citizens are denied their civil rights.  Cops and criminals will always be armed but will never pay taxes on their guns and ammo.

Wake up America.  We’re become a country of morons who are electing liberal fascists to public office, including the highest office in the country.   

Where you have the most armed citizens in America, you have the lowest violent crime rate. Where you have the worst gun control, you have the highest crime rate.


All Hell Breaks Loose at City of Brotherly Love Wedding Reception

Philadelphia police say they expect to make more arrests in connection with a 100-person brawl involving two wedding parties that broke out early Sunday at the Sheraton Society Hill hotel.  Three people have been arrested in the incident, which began in the hotel bar after a wedding reception. One man died of a heart attack while shepherding his grown children out of the hotel as wedding guests battled and police swung nightsticks inside.

(see more raw video of the brawl below below)


What is Wrong with These People ?

This is one Columbus Day that I will never forget. The Mrs. and I went out for about two hours and came home to find our neighbor had cut down a 25’ Live Oak tree in their back yard, along the property line between our homes.  The tree was not diseased nor was it causing any foundation or other problems. In fact, the tree had been significantly pruned about a year ago. Just this week that home owner told me she enjoyed watching the songbirds and hummingbirds that came to my feeders. She said that she watched them regularly from her sun-room and was going to put out bird feeders next Spring.

The guy who cut down the tree saw me staring from my backyard when I got home, with a most incredible look of shock on my face.  He sheepishly volunteered, “she thought it was going to get too big, so she told me to cut it down.”

Keep in mind that it cost about $1,800 to have a 7’ live oak tree delivered and planted in the Dallas Fort Worth area of north Texas.  Any live oak 8’ or taller requires a crane and costs many thousands of dollars to purchase.

Here is a before photo the live oak tree was destroyed as seen from my pool deck.  The Tree provided a lot of shade as it blocked the sun on the west during the hottest part of the day.  This is the only live oak around and it was a favorite nesting place for the songbirds in the spring.  Hummingbirds hung out here all summer, hiding and feeding on insects in that tree.

The neighbors don’t have a pool so that was not a factor in deciding to destroy it.

It is not uncommon for live oaks to live 500 years.  Oaks in Texas naturally become dwarfs speies because of the dry conditions. Their height is much lowered compared to the ones in southeast like the 200 years of beauties in the Squares of my birth city of Savannah, Georgia.   A 25’ live oak is a very nice and very old shade tree around these parts.  You don’t plant a 7 foot live oak and have this tree in ten years.  It’s going to take fifty plus years to grow this tall.

Live oaks usually produce acorns between age 20-50.  This tree had been producing acorns for at least 11 years and I would estimate it’s age at a minimum of 60 years but it could be older.  Oaks grow VERY slowly in the 110 degree Texas summers. 

This is what it looks like from my patio, now that the live oak has been removed, never to return. Their house is over 3,500 sq feet which is about average for this area.  The yard is meticulously kept. Both the front and the back professionally landscaped and are well manicured.  It was obvious that the tree guy thought removing this tree was nuts. I won’t soon forget the look on his face.

Who in the their right mind would remove this tree?  The owner later saw me in the yard.  She told me she had to leave the house when it was being cut down. She couldn’t watch it being destroyed. 

Then why did you have it cut down?  “The tree guy told me that it could grow to 60’ and that is just too tall for a tree to get in Texas. We decided to cut it down and plant a smaller tree.”

That tree woudn’t get any where close to 60’ in two lifetimes.  And it’s not like they couldn’t prune it regularly. I suspect, they don’t plan on ever selling their home.  She is a retired school teacher with deep roots in the area. They have lowered their property value but must not care. But how can they like living with that hideous bare spot that has been left in their back yard?  The birds they claim to have welcomed won’t be coming back and neither will a tree of any significant size.  You don’t tear out a live oak to plant a fast growing weed tree, if you have a tall tree phobia.   

Instead of looking at a beautiful healthy tree, they are now looking at the back of my house where all the windows are covered in 90% sun block, black window screens.  The temperatures on that side of my house regularly exceed 120 degrees in the direct July and August, afternoon sun.  The tree blocked most of their view of my house.  The tree also provided shade to the plants in my back yard and about half my lawn during the hottest park of the day.  It also shaded their back yard and keep the temperature in their sun room significantly lower. 

The tree also blocked my view of their house, where lights burn upstairs and down 24/7/365/. They NEVER turn a light off upstairs and only the bedroom light goes out downstairs.  Live oaks keep their leaves year round. New leaves push out the old ones every Spring.

What is wrong with these people?  They seemed normal enough but nobody in their right mind, could have cut down that tree. 

Drinking coffee on my patio by the pool in the morning will never be the same again.  What a senseless act of lunacy…I will miss that tree until I move, which unfortunately can’t happen until 2020 when the Mrs. retires.  I can assure you that I will be gone as soon as I can.  I’ll never live this close to neighbors again.  We’re surrounded by morons in the world we live today.  See the Obamanation and that live dead oak for details. 


Border Patrol Agent Mistakenly Fired at Other Responding Agents

The head of the U.S. Border Patrol agents’ union says the agent killed last week in a shooting in southern Arizona apparently opened fire on two other agents thinking they were armed smugglers and was killed when they returned fire.

The two sets of agents approached an area where a sensor had been activated early Tuesday from different directions and encountered each other in an area of heavy brush, National Border Patrol Council president George McCubbin said.

Agent Nicholas Ivie apparently opened fire first and wounded one of the other agents but was killed in the return fire.

“I don’t know what it was he saw or heard that triggered this whole event,” McCubbin said. “Unfortunately it resulted in his death and another agent injured.”

Acting Cochise County Sheriff Rod Rothrock confirmed the scenario but would not say if Ivie was the first to shoot, saying that was up to the federal agencies involved.

The new details add to a FBI statement Friday that the shooting appeared to be a friendly fire incident that involved no one but the agents.

McCubbin and Rothrock both said the two sets of agents knew the others were heading to the area on foot but apparently didn’t know they were so close. McCubbin said he’d been briefed by the agency, while Rothrock’s agency has been involved with the investigation.

“It was dark, very, very rugged terrain, and what they could see of each other was further obscured by the fact that there was brush and cacti and stuff like that between them,” Rothrock said. “I have no doubt that these agents were in as heightened a state of alert as you can get due to the proximity to the border and the history of trafficking in that area.”

Rothrock said that when the agents spotted each other in the dark, “they apparently took defensive postures, which was probably interpreted as aggressive postures. Like readying your weapons, for example.”