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Home Invasion Suspect Shot By Senior Citizen Who Fought Back

Don’t be a victim. Legally arm yourselves and to protect yourself and your loved ones. We the people need to send a message to home invaders.  Gun Free Zones kill innocent people.  Home invaders will be shot on sight. Deter crime and preserve our inalienable rights as guaranteed by the Constitution.

A felonious home invader got more than he bargained for when he targeted the wrong house in Jefferson County, Alabama.

The elderly woman he was trying to steal from fought back and shot him.

“I was awakened with a gun in my face hollering ‘give me all yo money and give me all yo jewelry’ and I screamed ‘I don’t have any money and I don’t have any jewelry,’” the victim, who does not want to be identified, said. “That didn’t satisfy [him]. Then he asked me about everyone in my house during this time I’m fumbling to get my gun. He pushed me down. I got up fought back.”

Deputy Chief Randy Christian from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office says the suspect had an air rifle, similar to a BB gun.

“She didn’t know that at the time, she thought it was loaded. He knew it though. Sometime during the struggle, he put that down took out a keyhole saw. He cut her a few times superficially with that,” Christian said.

The victim was cut on her stomach and on her arm.

“Kept on fighting and another person in the house got up to see what the dogs were barking at and that distracted him. When that distracted him I finally got to my pistol and fired a round,” the victim said.

The suspect was found at UAB Medical West hospital. Deputies found him by calling the hospital and asking if they had a patient with a gunshot wound. When they arrived and interviewed the suspect, they say he had an interesting explanation for his injury.

“Tried to make up a story that he was at a party and shot himself on a dare,” Christian said.

“He felt like it was going to be easy especially when he saw me on oxygen and a woman. I can take her down, sorry,” the victim said.

The suspects name has not been released because charges are still pending. The suspect’s injury was very serious and at one point he was described as “touch and go.” Now deputies believe he will survive and he will be charged with armed burglary and assault.


Happy Halloween - Be Safe Out There

It’s time for Pumpkin Carving at the Hickok Compound! We’re still a bit perplexed that so many people consider this method a bit unusual; I’ve never known any other way to do it. :-) -Hickok45

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Avoid the Post Office Gun Free Zone

Most CHL/CCW permit holders know they cannot carry a firearm in government buildings, including courthouses, the sterile area beyond TSA at airports, and in schools.  GFSZA makes it a federal violation to carry within a 1,000 feet of school property unless you have a CCW permit issued in the same state as the school you are violating

Yet when it comes to the Post Office many people unknowingly violate the law.  United States Code (18 U.S.C. 930) that deals with firearms in federal buildings has a section that says there are certain times you can carry concealed in a federal building… “The lawful carrying of firearms or other dangerous weapons in a Federal facility incident to hunting or other lawful purposes.”  

Some think that “other lawful purposes” means we can carry for personal protection because we have a valid concealed carry permit.  This is NOT true.  

In fact, the Code of Federal Regulations – Title 39 – which is named “Conduct on Postal Property” says “No person while on postal property may carry firearms, other dangerous or deadly weapons, or explosives, either openly or concealed, or store the same on postal property, except for official purposes.

You’re not even allowed to have your gun on Post Office Property. In other words, when you pull into the parking lot and toss your gun into the glove compartment while you go mail a letter, you violating federal law.

So since you cannot even carry onto the Post Office parking lot, what should you do? First of all, avoid the Post Office as much as possible.  I use UPS or FedEx to ship my packages.  When I do have to mail something, I prepare it at home and drop it in a mail box that is not located on Post Office property. The Post Office is losing billions of dollars.  I go out of my way not to use alternative shipping because of the USPS GUN FREE ZONE regulation.

But there will be times you need to use the Post Office. Other than leaving your gun at home, what can you do?  Where I live there is a Park and public parking lot, where I can legally carry, next to the Post Office. Most Post Offices are located next to or near businesses with parking lots where you can legally stash your firearm inside of a vehicle.

I always park in a public parking lot and stash my gun in a lock box which is bolted down inside my vehicle.  I then walk over and take care of business at the Post Office.  It’s a minor inconvenience, but for me, it’s better than the alternatives.  I won’t leave home without my firearm and I won’t violate the federal Gun Free Zone and risk losing my carry permit.  Both local cops and the Postal Inspection Service have arrested and convicted CHL/CCW permit holders for carrying a firearm on Postal Property. 

So, avoid the Post Office whenever you can. Spend your money someplace else.  Never leave home without your legally concealed firearm. 


Make Your Own Gun Free Zone 

As Hurricane Sandy runs over New York, there is danger of looting but no danger of violent crime involving firearms. New York like Chicago is a GUN FREE ZONE.  Now, you can turn your own home or buisness into a GUN FREE ZONE. 


Mr. Wolf protects himself and his loved ones old school style


Shooting From Cover and Concealment

Here’s a good basic instrutional / training video from  Cory and Erika on Shooting from Cover and Concealment. 

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