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Left Wing Media Controls PC Agenda - NFL in Crosshairs 🎯

From Michael Synder : END OF THE AMERICAN DREAM 

Do you remember when the NFL actually used to be about football?  The NFL has become a reflection of society at large, and it has been disgusting to watch the transformation take place.  And I am not talking about the reprehensible behavior of players such as Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy.  The things that each of those men are accused of doing are absolutely horrible, and each one of them should have the opportunity to be held accountable for their actions in a court of law.  But what I am talking about is how the NFL has become a circus of political correctness.  These days, there is very little talk about what is actually happening on the field.  Rather, there is endless debate about the latest scandals and about what the proper politically-sensitive response to those scandals should be.  And of course the media just loves to add fuel to the fire.  If they can get a coach or a player to say something that is just slightly politically inappropriate that will give them the latest “breaking news” to write about.

Why can’t everyone just shut up for a while and enjoy the most beautiful sport in the entire world?

And why does a sports league have to be a platform for shoving political viewpoints and social agendas down the throats of the fans?

Now we are even being told by some “sports journalists” that we should feel bad about liking football because of the actions of a few bad apples.

For example, the following is an excerpt from Peter King’s latest article entitled “Should We Still Like Football?“…

So, should we still like football? I’ve asked myself that a few times over the past week. I think we all have. And what I’ve come to think is this: It’s a personal decision. I can’t tell you to feel better about the gutter the NFL has fallen into, or to spend your money on one more NFL jersey or hat or Red Zone channel. It has to be your decision.

If you’re revolted by Ray Rice cold-cocking his fiancée or Adrian Peterson taking a tree branch to his 4-year-old to discipline the kid or the graphic testimony in the disturbing Greg Hardy trial, and you just can’t watch one more game, don’t. It’s your call. No one can make it for you.

Is he kidding us?

I don’t know about you, but I am not going to give up my passion for a game that I have loved since I was a child just because some guy decided to hit his wife.

The players are not the game.

Rather, the truth is that the game is far, far larger than the players.

Or it should be.

When a football player breaks the law, we have a legal system to deal with that.  And football players should not be treated any differently than anyone else.  When they have done something wrong, they should pay the price.

But instead, everyone seems to want to turn the NFL into the politically correct police.  Just check out what U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand said the other day

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) signaled on Sunday that Congress may hold hearings on the NFL’s handling of domestic abuse in light of the Ray Rice case,  if the league does not “police” itself.

“If the NFL doesn’t police themselves, then we will be looking more into it. We will — I wouldn’t be surprised if we have hearings,” she said in an interview with CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

And it just so happens that Gillibrand is strongly considering running for president in 2016 if Hillary Clinton does not run.  Some insiders are saying that if Gillibrand does run, she has a really good shot of winning the Democratic nomination.

But I digress.  Getting back to the NFL (or the No Fun League as many are calling it these days), the rules have been altered to eliminate so much physical contact that the players may as well be running around in skirts at this point.

I can understand the need to look out for player safety, but football is supposed to be a full contact sport.  If the NFL is not careful, it is going to eventually become little more than flag football.

But that is not even the worst part of what is going on.  The political correctness in the league office has become so extreme that even the slightest hint of anything non-politically correct is rapidly stamped out.

For example, the NFL recently banned advertisements from “Slap Ya Mama Cajun Products”…

Read the rest of the Article from Michael Snyder here


NY Times Admits "Assault Weapons Ban" Made Little Difference

On the anniversary of the so-called “federal assault weapons” ban of 1994, the New York Times published a column explaining the very term “assault weapon” is one the “Democrats created” in the 1990s to ban “a politically defined category of guns.”

Lois Beckett, a reporter who covers gun violence for ProPublica, wrote, in the piece headlined “The Assault Weapon Myth,” that despite the popularity of the ban, “even gun control advocates acknowledge a larger truth: The law that barred the sale of assault weapons from 1994 to 2004 made little difference.”

“It turns out that big, scary military rifles don’t kill the vast majority of the 11,000 Americans murdered with guns each year,” she wrote. “Little handguns do. In 2012, only 322 people were murdered with any kind of rifle, F.B.I. data shows. The continuing focus on assault weapons stems from the media’s obsessive focus on mass shootings, which disproportionately involve weapons like the AR-15, a civilian version of the military M16 rifle. This, in turn, obscures some grim truths about who is really dying from gunshots.”

Even when the ban was enacted, the politically defined category of larger weapons figured in about 2 percent of gun crimes nationwide.

It’s a stunning admission from a media institution that still obsesses about gun violence – but it goes even further.




United Nations Small Arms Trade Treaty Update 

Geneva, CH - -( Tuesday September 9th 2014, in Mexico City global arms control and disarmament diplomats and civil society groups finished up first-round talks on creating a road map to the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) Conference of States Parties.

This meeting was the first of three informal negotiating / lobbying events on the horizon.

Germany has offered to host a second round of meetings in November, and Switzerland has offered to host the last round in 2015.

All this planning and preparation is in anticipation of the ATT gaining, by January 2015, the 50 state ratifications needed to enter into force. The meetings in Mexico are seen as part of an acceleration of efforts to boost the speed of implementation. The meetings themselves were open only to like-minded states and pro-ATT civil society groups like Control Arms. While Mexican Ambassador in Geneva Jorge Lomónaco marketed the Mexican meetings as informal, it is widely understood the event was aimed at pushing towards significant decisions/agreements among those in attendance.

On 27 August there was an initial meeting to exchange views in Geneva intended to help prepare for the Mexico City meetings. This meeting was actually open to all interested stakeholders and took place inside the UN’s Palais de Nations. The meeting focused on the topic of starting-up the ATT Secretariat. This meeting was one of several organized by the Geneva Forum on the ATT in the past months. The American diplomat present at this 27 August meeting did not offer any remarks. TSM Worldwide LLC presented some viewpoints with respect to non-state actors however. These viewpoints are summarized at the top of page four in the meeting report prepared by the Geneva Forum. Also discussed at the 27 August meeting was a paper outlining some thoughts on the creation of the ATT Secretariat by David Atwood. Mr. Atwood offered his views as an independent consultant but it is well known he is a staff adviser at the Small Arms Survey.

While this past year has seen a tremendous amount of energy put into encouraging states to ratify the ATT and planning for its entry into force, comparatively little energy has been put into open discussion of what the treaty actually says and means. 

One highly anticipated academic legal commentary, by Geneva arms control and disarmament experts Dr. Stuart Maslen and Sarah Parker, is well behind its original publication schedule. Ms. Parker was an adviser to the Australian ATT delegation and Dr. Maslen was an adviser to the Swiss ATT delegation. Their joint ATT publication was pre-announced last summer with a publication date estimated for the spring of 2014.

It now appears their efforts have been joined by Dr. Andrew Clapham and Dr. Gilles Giacca and the commentary will most likely be released by Oxford University Press after the ATT enters into force.

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TSM Worldwide LLC is an independent expert network firm delivering executive/owner consulting services to firms operating in the broader international shooting, hunting, and outdoor recreation industry.

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The Power of Progressive Media

The main stream media (MSM) both news and entertainment, are the primary communication arm of the Progressive movement in the United States, spear headed by the Democrat Party.  And not satisfied to control the vast majority of the media, liberals continue to circulate petitions on social media to ban FOX News.  

Yet some people are surprised to learn that progressives also control sports media.  See Keith Olbermann and Bob Costas for details. 

Ray Rice has become a political pawn in a very dirty game of politics in this election year.

For knocking his fiance unconscious and dragging her out of an elevator by her hair, NFL running back Ray Rice received a two game suspension from Roger Goodell.  New Jersey Superior Court Judge Michael Donio and D.A. Jim McClain consulted the victim (Mrs. Rice) and agreed to put her husband in a New Jersey deferred adjudication/diversion program for first time offenders. This happens in tens of thousands of criminal cases every year in the United States. Like it or not, it’s what is usually done not the exception, in the majority of first time criminal offender cases. 

Some saw injustice but the left-wing main stream media saw a political opportunity to shore up the Democrat Party female voter base.  In the post Obama era, the Democrats are confident that they have over 90% of the African American votes locked up. Suburban women are the key to victory for both Parties in National elections.

It’s women who will determine the outcome of the November elections and nobody knows this more than Democrats who are in serious danger of losing control of the Senate.  So abortion rights and domestic abuse became core issues at the direction of the pollsters and professional “progressives” who control the Democrat Party purse strings.  Everything is always about money and politics. Make no mistake about it, the Democrats are the self appointed PC Police for a reason. 

The MSM has not missed an opportunity to keep the Ray Rice two game suspension, front and center in the hopes of growing the Democrat female base before the November elections.  So after TMZ paid for the release of the second elevator video of Ray Rice striking his fiance (now wife) and posted it at 1am this morning, the left wing media sprung into action.  Outrage was the order of the day.  

It doesn’t matter that Ray Rice had already admitted his crime and agreed to the terms of his probation/rehabilitation including speaking out against domestic violence, paying a fine and donating to women’s shelters. It doesn’t matter that Rice was serving his two game suspension and was scheduled to return to work next week. Neither Due Process nor any of the Bill of Rights matter to liberal fascists, unless they promote their progressive agenda. 

The media, being controlled by progressive hypocrites saw the TMZ tape as a political opportunity and sprung into action before the sun rose this morning.  I watched and listened, as did the NFL.  Before noon, Rice had been cut from the Baltimore Ravens and banned for life from the NFL.  

Liberals are celebrating and gloating over the fact that due process has been trumped for their political gain.

Rice was already punished by both the NFL and justice system for his crime.  We may not agree with the suspension/sentence but justice was done and his wife signed off on his deferred adjudication.  Mrs. Rice not the media was the victim of the crime.  Mr. Rice as the perpetrator and he took full responsibility and confessed to his crime to both the NFL and a New Jersey Judge.  

The world had already seen Mr. Rice dragging an apparently unconscious Mrs. Rice out of a casino elevator over and over again.  Mr. Rice admitted that he was responsible for the battery that rendered Mrs. Rice unconscious. 

The release of another video showing the single blow that knocked Mrs. Rice unconscious added nothing to the facts. Ray Rice had already admitted his guilt and been suspended by the NFL and adjudicated in a New Jersey court.

Can anyone articulate another reason besides politics why Ray Rice was fired and banned for life today?  In fact, the NFL had announced after the Rice two game suspension that future first time domestic violence violations would result in a 6 game suspension.  A second violation would result in a lifetime ban.  

So the NFL has taken one domestic violence incident and multiplied it by two so they could ban Rice for life? Politics is a dirty business.  And no politicians are dirtier than hypocrite progressives.   

You think that Mrs. Rice, the victim, is happy that the PC media has succeeded in destroying her husbands ability to earn a living.  At the very least, the NFL ban has cost Mrs. Rice half of the $21 $9.5 million that Ray Rice was contracted to be paid in the future.  I wonder if Mrs. Rice thinks this is justice? 





Mississippi & Louisiana Back Second Amendment with Tax Free Weekend

If you’re a sportsman, this weekend is your holiday.

Mississippi’s inaugural tax-free holiday will begin Friday. It runs through Sunday.

The Legislature passed a law creating an annual tax-free weekend in September. The law went into effect on July 1. The holiday will be held annually on the first Friday of each September until midnight on the following Sunday.

Individual sales of firearms, ammunition, archery equipment, rifle scopes and certain hunting supplies will be exempt from taxes during the state’s inaugural tax holiday. Mississippi has a 7 percent sales tax.

Louisiana’s sportsman tax-free holiday is also this weekend.

“We’re very excited about this weekend,” said Tom Oaks, owner of Lonnie’s Sporting Goods in Corinth. “It’s going to be a great thing for both our customers and us.”

While a large turn-out is projected for the weekend, Oaks believes it would have been even more popular had it not been for the exclusions.

“I do think it’ll be big, but it could have been even bigger. Louisiana is in their fourth year of doing this and everything is included. Sportswear, hunting boots and other types of gear are excluded from ours.

“While I am definitely looking forward to it, it is not what it should have been,” Oaks said.

Oaks said he has advertised in Tennessee in hopes that more shoppers will be enticed to visit Lonnie’s and take advantage of the special opportunity.

“I’m thinking it’s gonna be crazy; it’s gonna be like Christmas time,” said Corey Campbell, manager of Scruggs Sporting Goods in Tupelo.

“Expecting a lot more bigger crowds,” Campbell said. “In the last week or two people have been in shopping, seeing what we had.”

While firearms are always a popular sell, retailers say ammunition will be their most popular item.

“Ammunition is gonna be a big one,” Alabama resident Calvin Kluesner said. “I suspect the closer we get to hunting season it will be like it has been the last few years. We won’t have any ammunition; it will be brought out pretty quick.”

A tax free weekend could make ammo much more affordable even for out-of-state people like Kluesner.

“Ammunition, scents, anything with hunting you know things that hunters are gonna start looking for pretty quick,” Kluesner said. “With the hunter tax free weekend I couldn’t think of another opportunity for hunters to get out and get those items that they are gonna need for hunting season.”