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NYPD 12 Pound Trigger Contributed to Empire State Building Muck Up

As a result so many NYPD officers having accidental discharges,  the upper ranks chose the wrong specs for their firearms instead of training.  You can see the effect it had on the events of Friday outside the Empire State Building by the hit count, nine good guys shot by the two NYPD officers.

NYPD cops are given a choice of duty weapons. They can have a SIG P226, a Glock 19, or a Smith & Wesson 5946. But no matter which one they choose, the triggers are modified to have a 12 pound pull for every shot fired.

So even with the P226, which was designed to be double action for the first round and single action for every round thereafter, the NYPD requires it to operate in “double action ONLY” mode. Not only that, they raise the trigger pull weight from the designed double action pull of 10 pounds to 12 pounds. Its the same story for the Glock, which has a factory-issue 5.5 pounds of pressure. After NYPD gets the gun, it becomes a 12 pound monstrosity.

As anyone who has fired a double action handgun knows, getting an accurate shot with a heavy trigger is significantly more difficult than with a lighter one.

I’ve spent countless hours on the range trying to overcome double action triggers and get a better, cleaner first shot, with many different handguns.

Most Cops don’t practice nearly as much as the average concealed carry permit holder.  Most cops qualify just once a year and never practice or train between qualifications.  Federal agents qualify quarterly and receive in service firearms training during the year. Most police departments, including NYPD dont because training and ammunition are expensive.

Bad shooting isn’t necessarily the gun’s fault but it doesn’t make sense for NYPD to issue guns that keep officers from being as accurate as they could be.

You can’t just throw money at a problem that needs to be fixed through training, but you shouldn’t use equipment that makes it significantly difficult for even well trained officers to shoot quickly and accurately. NYPD needs to get some help training their officers AND stop requiring the 12 pound trigger pull of they want their cops to stop shooting bystanders.

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